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Quality of Life

Quality of life. What is it? How do we know when we have it? Everything we do we do to try to get a good feeling. That is what we ultimately are after as human beings is to feel good feelings. Many say they strive to be happy – but it is actually the good [...]

Brace Yourself. Here Come The Summer Holidays

To go with the beautiful weather we’ve been having here in the UK in the last few weeks comes the school summer holidays too. Now I know what some of you are thinking and it goes a bit like… “Aaarrrggghhh No, what am I going to do for the next 6 weeks / How am [...]


What connects us as friends, acquaintances, followers on social media is this sense of having something in common. We are naturally attracted to people we like who share a bond with us. Have you had the experience of being in a physical space with people and you felt a natural attraction towards someone? Now this [...]

Flow of Life

Over this month of blogging I have touched on fear, procrastination, forgiveness, happiness and more…. and I now just want to go a bit deeper. One of the insights I have had recently is that when we are most happy and joyful in our lives, we are ‘in flow’ with the Universe and connecting back [...]

Roses or Thorns?

“You can complain because roses have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses” – Ziggy It’s all well and good knowing we should be positive all the time. But sometimes, knowing we should be a little more positive doesn’t help us become positive. There are times when you just can’t shift from the mental and [...]

Prosperity, Abundance and Self-Worth

The new tax year arrived in April and while we are busy (thinking about) completing our tax returns, now is also a good time to focus on how we could be much better off this time next year. Do you earn well but don’t know where your money goes every month? Do you make money [...]

Fear or Desire?

Thinking about your goals and resolutions for 2013, are they more reflective of your fears than your desires? Do you want more money because you fear not having enough? Do you want to lose weight because you fear your partner won’t love you as much? “Successful people focus on what they want, the rest focus [...]

How to be Happy

“Life is not how it is – it’s how we perceive it… A personal disaster to one person is a priceless lesson to another.” This is from another of my great mentors in life, Richard Wilkins. It’s true. Change your perceptions and you change your life. Greg Anderson also said “The perfect no-stress environment is [...]

How did we get here?

How do we get to be where we are right now? I mean how do we get from being born with no preconceptions about life and no fear, except that of falling, to being where any of us are right now, full of beliefs about all sorts, different values about what’s important and more specifically, [...]

My Purple Hat

For my birthday last year I wanted a purple hat. I had read the poem below and it resonated with me so much that I didn’t want to wait until I was 80 to get one. My lovely husband picked one up for me (the one in my avatar) from the local Marie Curie charity [...]

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