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Q for Quiet and Questions. The A to Z of Conscious Living

A to Z Q
Quiet & Questions

When we are quiet enough and still enough for long enough, we hear the answers.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have someone to always go to and ask about anything and everything we want to, and at any time of the day? Questions like “what is the lesson I need to learn from this situation so I can move on from it now?”

That question in particular is one I have learnt to ask over the years. I was finding myself in the same situations again and again, whether that was some ill-health, or the same relationship problems repeating, or financial challenges I often faced.

Life has this ability to put us in the best situations we need in order to learn the lessons we must be taught so we can grow and move on. When we don’t learn them, we go into a cycle of repeat until we do, and for some that cycle repeats until they run out of time!

When we are living consciously we become aware of this cycle, and understand that for every challenge we face there is a lesson being taught from which we can find an answer to our most pressing life questions.

So where do we go to find the answers.

Meditation can be the best place to go, and for some, myself included that find meditation a little challenging with my ‘busy’ mind, just going somewhere peaceful to sit, relax and allow some time to be quiet, we can learn to turn the noise off in our minds for a while and allow other thoughts to enter.

I also find that other activities such as driving alone in silence or writing in my journal or on my screen can also give me that space in time that I need to allow the answers to come to me.

Writing in particular I have found to be an amazing way to connect to my higher energy (see E for Energy) for inspiration. I can literally just put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and like taking dictation I write the words that flow into my mind without ever pre-empting what the next word or sentence will be. This is powerful, because when you write the question you want answered at the top of the page, your give your focus and energy to it.

The key is in asking the right questions. Thinking is nothing more than the process of asking and answering questions, so to change our thinking we must change the questions we ask.

For example the question “Why do I always mess up?” will take your thoughts down the negative route of finding reasons why you mess up which isn’t going to make you feel great. However, if you can re-frame that question to “What can I learn from this mess of a situation?” takes you on a more positive route. In fact, by looking to see if we can keep improving our questions, the next one might be “What is this situation trying to tell me?” and then better still “What is the greatest outcome I could imagine to come from this situation right now?”

As your questions improve, so will the answers you get and by giving focus to the better answers your whole experience will improve and you will find the Pearls.

Ask better Questions and be Quiet enough for long enough to listen for the answers.

With love and gratitude

Founder & CEO, The Autism Directory
Professional Coach to Parents of a Child with Autism

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