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Z for Zest. The A to Z of Conscious Living.

A to Z Z

Enthusiasm, Energy, Liveliness, Gusto provides the Zest for Life.

Doesn’t that make you come alive. Just those words give me a boost of happiness and make me want to do a little jig. I love the word Zest as it feels so fresh, full of juiciness, life, vibrancy, colour just as our lives should be and can be when we live fully awake and conscious.

The A to Z of Conscious Living is the guide to raising our consciousness so that we experience every single moment to its fullest capacity. And the best bit is still to come.

Raising our consciousness and living at a higher level of wide awake is just the beginning. As our consciousness rises up each day we see the same old things in a new way, a new perspective, with new glasses so to speak. This in turn helps us to raise our consciousness even more.

As our consciousness raises we see, feel, taste, hear and smell things with a new level of enjoyment that we didn’t have before. Every meal we eat tastes better than before. Every new sunset we see is more beautiful. The music we hear, the love we feel and the flowers we smell are all more incredible than the day before simply because our consciousness has raised that little bit more.

Every day our experiences of things we’ve done a million times before take on a new perspective as if we are seeing with even stronger glasses on each time. We see more, our experience deepens and our life enriches with every passing day.

Now that’s living life with Zest.

With love and gratitude

Founder & CEO, The Autism Directory
Professional Coach to Parents of a Child with Autism

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